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Country Wellness 

A free community-based mental health 
support program for Country South Australians

Country Wellness Connections (CWC)

Offering person-centred psychosocial supports 

Tailored supports that suit your needs

Supports provided through CWC are non-clinical and can include group-based activities and/or individual one-on-one coaching as required.

Not only will the modality of supports vary, but the length of supports will also be adapted to the individual to ensure they receive supports during the times they need it the most.

Participants can also identify their own individual needs and recovery goals with the help of an experienced mental health support worker. 

To determine whether you or someone you know are eligible to receive psychosocial supports under CWC, please refer to Who can access this free program?

Recovery Focused

Supports to improve mental health, enhance wellbeing and assist recovery

Person-centred psychosocial supports

CWC supports are person-centred and so will inherently vary from person to person to assist with building confidence, capacity, and stability in areas such as:
linking & building natural support networks, including family and friends
vocational skills, training and employment goals, including volunteering
maintaining and improving physical health and well-being
finding and maintaining appropriate housing
managing daily tasks and daily living needs
financial management and budgeting
building broader life skills

CWC Program Objectives

It's all about connections

One of the main objectives of CWC is to link and build natural support networks to reduce social isolation, improve mental health and enhance wellbeing. This may include community-based options (either socially and economically) and/or informal supports received through family and/or friends.                 

Assistance to apply for the NDIS can also be provided where CWC supports are not enough to meet a persons mental health and other support needs. Intensity of support and the possibility of linkages to other appropriate clinical and non-clinical services will also be considered in line with a flexible stepped care approach.

CWC Program
Service Providers

Frequently asked questions

Not sure if CWC is the right program for you?

Who can access this free program?

CWC is available for people who:

  • live in regional South Australia
  • experience mental health concerns that are severe enough to impact everyday life
  • require mental health support and assistance with managing daily tasks and participating in the community
  • are not assisted by the NDIS or receiving other psychosocial support that are similar to CWC

A diagnosis from a GP or other health professional is not required to access this free program. 

Are there any age restrictions?

This program is offered to people aged 16 years and over; however, exceptions may be made for individuals under this age bracket.

Do I need a diagnosis from a GP to qualify for this program?

No. While eligible participants must experience mental health concerns that are severe enough to impact daily life, a diagnosis from a GP or other health professionals is not required. In fact, anyone can refer to CWC as follows:

  • Self-referral (people who require support)
  • Carer, family or friends (with consent of the person requiring support)
  • Governments agencies and community organisations including any other mental health services
  • GPs and any other health professional

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