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Assisting healthcare professionals to navigate information, resources and tools available to assist patients with a psychosocial disability to apply for the NDIS.

Accessing the NDIS for mental illness

Assisting healthcare professionals to navigate NDIS information for clients experiencing severe mental illness

How to support those with psychosocial disability

People presenting with severe mental illness resulting in psychosocial functional impairment who are seeking to join the NDIS will need to complete an Access Request Form (ARF).

GPs, Psychiatrists, and other health professionals play an important role in supporting such patients to complete the ARF, particularly the accompanying Evidence of Psychosocial Disability Form. The Evidence of Psychosocial Disability form is separate to the ARF and is recommended to be used instead of completing Section F of the ARF where the client’s primary disability results from psychosocial functional impairment.

For more detailed information on how to assist patients with a primary psychosocial disability to apply for the NDIS, please visit the TSP For All website. This website has primarily been developed to assist healthcare professional to navigate information, resources and tools available to assist patients with a psychosocial disability to apply for the NDIS.

More information regarding Mental Health and the NDIS can also be found on the NDIS website.

Additional Information and Resources for GPs

Health Pathways information – The Care Coordination – Mental Health Pathway covers information regarding NDIS criteria, standard request information and contact details for Local Area Coordinators (LACs) across South Australia.

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support to people with disability, their families and carers. The main component of the NDIS is individualised packages of support to eligible people with disability.

Where to get help applying for the NDIS in South Australia?

The NDIS is now available in South Australia. For most people aged seven and above, a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) will be your main contact point for the NDIS. To find your nearest LAC, visit the NDIS website.

If you require support applying for the NDIS for a primary psychosocial disability, you can also contact your nearest Country Wellness Connection service.

Need training and other practical resources?

The NDIS have a range of training and resources available to aid GPs and health professionals in their efforts to support patients to apply for the NDIS. These include:

  • CPD online education module (offering 3 CPD points)
  • MBS billing guide
  • Resources specific to psychosocial disability
  • Multilingual patient information
  • Quick links to NDIS forms
  • Videos and FAQs

This information can be accessed on the NDIS website .

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